About Us

WE, LEAFSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, Established in the year 2012, are a professional in trading activity of chemical products:

  • Barium Carbonate,
  • Barium Sulphide,
  • Barium Chloride Di Hydrate,
  • Barium Chloride Anhydrous,
  • Barium Nitrate,
  • Barium Sulphate pure,
  • Sodium Sulphide flakes iron and iron free.

LEAFSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED has accumulated good reputation in the field of Trading of Chemicals Products. The Chemicals products are Trading by our LEAFSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED are strong and traded from quality materials. In future the company has itself manufacturing of the aforesaid chemicals products.


L. KIRAN REDDY, Managing Director of LEAFSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, previously worked in the RAHUL BARIUM SALTS for a period of 8 years. With this experience he started AKSHYA CHEMICALS, and MEENAKSHI ALLIEDS CHEMICALS for a period of 4 years and gained huge experience in the manufacturing of chemical products. Later with this knowledge and experience, L. KIRAN REDDY, Managing Director started LEAFSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED in 2012 to market all products under one group and successfully running this industry.